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Self promotion and the marketing of your special talents and skills is what we help you do best.  With thousands of successful admissions and funding campaigns completed over 4 decades we can show you how to succeed every step of the way.   Avoid trial and error with our time tested process and a written promise of value.

Knowledge is Power

Getting offers from the right pool of schools assures you the tools you will need to get the best awards . . .

Colleges will try to tell you they do not negotiate.  We have four decades of evidence that they do.
IF, and it's a big IF . . .

you know which schools to approach and how to approach them.

Do you know about this?

As one of our valued members, you have the tools you need to achieve college planning and funding success !

We ask you to commit about a half hour a week to making the connections you need to assure college admissions to the best schools for you and to help you secured the required funding

Funding College is an ongoing process, not a one time event.

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